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Joystick steering for Wheel loaders

ExciControl WS: Control your wheel loader with joystick and controls in the left armrest. With a few screws and a couple of connectors ExciControl WS is ready to run.

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Keypad with built-in CAN interface

ExciPad 2006: Popular keypad with options for 8 analogue and 35 digital inputs plus 21 digital outputs for LED indication. Adapt the joystick, colors, symbols and background lighting to suit you.

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Control system for front and side plough

ExciControl Plough: Easy-to-position control system with built-in automatic reversing and radio control option. Control unit with ergonomically positioned joysticks and buttons.

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Control system for tilt and rotator control

ExciControl TRC: Complete with computer, software, optional joysticks and display. Patented solution for outstanding softness and feel. Very easy to install and use.

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Excidor AB

Excidor develops and manufactures control systems, softwares, keypads and electronics for operator environments. You will find application-specific systems here, as well as the option of creating new ones.

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